CRUST Group is here to serve your food waste and loss needs. Through our sustainable unique label (SUL) model, we act as the R&D platform to provide co-branded products for corporate partners in food service and retail. 

If you're a restaurant, retailer, hotel, or airline with food waste and loss that is costly to lose and dispose of, we're here to be your R&D partner and give your surplus food a new lease of life. By partnering with us, you'll save costs, all while gaining a unique co-branded product, additional revenue per bottle, and a sustainability initiative with a story to tell.

We pride ourselves on being able to valorise a range of food waste and loss. So far, we’ve upcycled bread, grains like rice & quinoa, spent and stale coffee grounds, surplus fruit & vegetables (peels, seeds, husks), cacao husks, tea leaves, and more into our unique beverages.

These are the 3 ways we work with businesses:

1. CRUST Stand Alone - Sell our beers by bottle or keg at your restaurants and buy wholesale from us.

2. CRUST White Label - White label our 3 flagship beers with your own personalised branded label or kegerator.

3. CRUST Sustainable Unique Label (SUL) - Work with us to develop 1-4 co-branded beverages using your food waste & loss, helping you save costs, valorise your food waste & loss, gain additional revenue and a sustainability story to tell your customers.

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