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Community Brew Project

You deserve a brew as awesome as you!


Over the past couple of years, your support has enabled and empowered us to move towards our goal of reducing 1% of food waste by 2030.  To show our appreciation in a major way, we set out to create something special. And what better way to do that than to co-create a locally-inspired inspired brew that reflects your tastes and preferences while paying homage to everything that makes Singapore so great. We wanted this special brew to have 4 distinct designs, to represent the different personas we see in our incredibly multi-faced community. 

This process resulted in the creation of a mildly creamy, golden-yellow tropical brew with aromas of banana, clove, papaya and deliciously refreshing pineapple flavours. Special thanks to our community partners - Gardenia, Tiong Bahru Bakery and Antidote - for providing the surplus ingredients that acted as the base for this tasty brew. 

Yummy! Here’s a sneak peek of the 4 accompanying visuals:

Copy of CRUST Casting KV (14).png
Copy of CRUST Casting KV (17).png
Copy of CRUST Casting KV (18).png
Copy of CRUST Casting KV (19).png

The brew and these designs were created with the help of insights from you - our community. Through focus group discussions, fun games and mini-jamming sessions, we assembled people from all parts of the country to share their thoughts on everything to do with drinking beer, Singapore and nature.


More than a working ground for beer experimentation and formulation, we also turned these conversations into a video series. Come along with us for the ride and click any of these 4 videos below to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at this unique beer-making process.

With these insights, we then worked together with talented local illustrator, Tai (@OneWayTie) to come up with 4 unique representations that would celebrate Singapore's fauna and flora while reflecting the unique personalities of the different people we spoke to: covering a range of people from young adults to the young-at-heart, from free-spirited creatives to conscious consumers.


And that’s the story of how these beautiful, original, funky designs came to be. Grab one of these bottles for yourself and a buddy today to enjoy this tropical brew! Click the button below to pre-order today! 

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